New England Championship Math Meet
Team Rankings 1988

Large Schools

RankSchoolTotal Points
1Canton, MA89
2Lexington, MA83
3Hall, CT78
4Boston Latin, MA76
5Brookline, MA68
6Staples, CT58
6Ridgefield, CT58
8Hamden, CT56
9South Kingstown, RI39
10Simsbury, CT38
11Bristol Central, CT35
12Lewiston, ME27

Medium Schools

RankSchoolTotal Points
1Concord-Carlisle, MA54
2Winchester, MA51
3Brunswick, ME48
4Portland, ME45
5Oxford Hills, ME43
5St. John's, MA43
7E. O. Smith, CT41
8East Catholic, CT37
9St. John's Prep, MA36
10Classical, RI31
10Mt. Ararat, ME31
12Burlington, VT30
13Middletown, RI29
14Dover, NH27
15Dartmouth, MA24
16Lebanon, NH22
17Colchester, VT21
18Choate-Rosemary Hall, CT20
19Xavier, CT13

Small Schools

RankSchoolTotal Points
1Maimonides School, MA49
2Hopkins School, CT48
3Suffield, CT45
4Weston, MA39
5Madison, ME34
6Dover-Sherborn, MA31
6Windsor Locks, CT31
8North Smithfield, RI30
9Yarmouth, ME29
10Hopkinton, NH27
10Monmouth, ME27
12Lincoln, RI25
13Old Rochester, MA23
14MCI, ME21
15Moses Brown, RI20
16Wheeler School, RI19
17Trinity, NH15
18Lee, ME13


Note: Small and Medium School scores are comparable, because they are derived from the individual scores of six students and a team round where each question is worth three points. For Large School scores, there are eight students per team and each team round question is worth four points. So, to make the scores across divisions roughly comparable, multiply the Large School scores by 3/4.