Massachusetts State Championship Math Meet
Individual Rankings 1995
Massachusetts State Championship Math Meet
Student Standings
1L-1Dockray, Sean12CantonL18
1L-1Johnson, Alex12Acton-BoxboroughL18
1L-1Jung, Peter12LexingtonL18
1L-1Liza, Manuel11Boston LatinL18
1S-1McNerney, Robert12BromfieldS18
1M-1Nichols-Barrer, Joshua10Newton SouthM18
1M-1Phillips, Daniel12Concord-CarlisleM18
8M-3Liu, Justin11RandolphM17
8L-5Phillips, Michael12ChelmsfordL17
8M-3Williams, Steven11AmherstM17
11S-2Kaplan, Scott12SwampscottS16
11L-6Singh, Parul12CantonL16
13L-7Butler, Andrew11CantonL15
13M-5Medvedovsky, Anna11Newton SouthM15
13L-7Park, Jean11LexingtonL15
13M-5Riddle, Matthew10AmherstM15
13S-3Teixeira, Jay10BromfieldS15
13L-7Wu, Alan11LexingtonL15
13S-3Yu, Xiao-Long12Mass AcademyS15
20L-10DeSousa, Mary12Boston LatinL14
20M-7Fuller, David12Newton SouthM14
20L-10Raymond, Sean12AndoverL14
20L-10Shen, Gong Ke12Boston LatinL14
24M-8Berger, Michael10LongmeadowM13
24L-13Fromme, Chris12AndoverL13
24S-5Kirnos, Ilya12SwampscottS13
24M-8Koren, Yaron12AmherstM13
24M-8Kosmalla, Margaret11Concord-CarlisleM13
24L-13Ouyang, Peter12LexingtonL13
24S-5Wilson, John11WestonS13
24L-13Wu, James11Acton-BoxboroughL13
24S-5Yu, Chia-Hao12Worcester AcademyS13

[The official results sheet has a number of errors. In particular, two students (Alan Wu and Xiao-Long Yu) are listed twice with different scores. Because there are other students with those surnames who appeared in the 1994 or 1996 MAML competitions, the second instance of each surname above shows the other student. Also, I changed one student name (from John to Joshua) which did not match other years.]